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Great experience. New way of learning from home. Extremely good interaction with the professors. Nice way of presenting the topics as each session kept me very engaged all through. Good Practice sessions and quiz.
Srujan Aditya
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“I think it’s a fantastic platform for both the student and the faculty to interact. This platform provides a better way to learn by providing the programming environment online and view the submissions made by the student. This platform also motivates students to code faster and perform better so that their names can be displayed on the screen with green stars.”
Sai Raghu Ram
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Being able to do stuff like deleting a node etc on this platform amazes me. The platform challenges you by throwing jumbled codes, missing codes, wrong codes at you and be able to put my logical brain to work itself makes me glorified and satisfied at the end of the day.
Sriyansh Mundra
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The best feature is the Teaching Assistant(TA). Typically during a live lab session whenever I was stuck while writing my code, TA’s came to my rescue and used to help me solve the errors either through a chat or call. This is just amazing.
Tejaswini Tubati
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A live lab without live support has no meaning. Inferdata has it right in there and instant support for solving errors while doing programs builds the confidence and entices us to do more


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Great start. Given a problem statement I can now write C programs.
Sindhu Sheri
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You cannot clear any interview without answering questions on C. Thanks to the platform and Umesh sir my fundamentals are very strong now and I am confident of facing any interview.

Data Structures

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Data structures is the essence of any fundamental programming language. Thanks to Younus sir I can write codes for multiple combinations of linked lists, sorting and searching techniques.
Pranav Reddy
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It really worked for me. I was always scared of DS but thanks to the sessions by Younus sir and live labs I can today do stuff like deleting a node for a specific request in a linked list and so on.
Mohd Waseem Ahmed
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All good companies focus on Data structures in interviews and unless you have a command on it you will fail. I got a job thanks to the skills I acquired here.
S P Anusha


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Usually understanding how databases work is very easy. But if I can actually know which query will get me desired results life is easy. Tapadia sirs experience and clarity in explanations would make anyone learn the subject with ease.
Praharshita Krishna
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I am greatful to tapadia sir to have taught mySQL to all of us. With his rich experience understanding database concepts were very easy.
Siddarth Modi


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Initially I was afraid of learning Java. But thanks to Rajendar sir I am an OCJP certified developer. All the innumerable exercises taken up in the class made us think beyond just books. And once you have practiced a lot of them cracking the java certification exam is very simple.
Sri Divya Yaddanapudi
Student Pic
Learning Java with Tapadia sir has been such a pleasure. I could clear the OCJP certification with 90% all thanks to him as he made us learn the concepts with such an ease.
Sai Manideep Cheekatimalla


Student Pic
The only importance I ever gave to DAA was passing my exam but thanks to Raghav sir I am able to try and write an algorithm for any defined problem
Student Pic
During the course we were made to take real time problems like vehicle challan system and asked to build algorithms as a solution. This really made us think and taught us how to approach a problem, involve all stake holders and them arrive at a solution.
Ravi Kumar


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The first round of interview for any company during campus placements is Aptitude. Our competencies are checked in quant and Logical ability. All the concepts explained were crisp and clear and today my speed of solving problems is much much better.
Srujana Konda
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Chaitanya sir is a very focused instructor and the short cuts taught by him made me confident and helped me crack the first round with great ease.
Rohit Uppala

Soft Skills

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Shweta mams command over English is incredible. In just 4 weeks i am confident of facing any JAM or GD.
Pola Nishit
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Communication skills are must to survive in the software industry. Thanks to the grilling sessions I am today very confident to face any interview.
Yashaswini Reddy
Student Pic
The one to one interactive sessions with madam for resume building, GD’s, mock interviews have really helped me prepare for the HR rounds of various companies

Data Science with Python

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The program initiated by our KMIT team is really good. We're able to learn sitting at home. The classes are easily understood thanks to Younus sir and Umesh sir. Today I am confident of programming in python and I am able to implement the traits of data science using python.
Student Pic
I always wanted to learn python as I have heard that most top universities worldwide prefer python as a first programming language over any other language. This course helped me learn and appreciate python. And using it for playing with data stats was like cherry on the cake.

Data Science with R

Student Pic
With Neil sir teaching this course half battle is already won. His real time examples on data science made me grasp all concepts easily. And learning R as a new programming language built more confidence in my ability to assimilate data.
Lakshmi Kavya
Student Pic
I decided to learn R to work with Data science. No regrets so far as I believe it’s the best language. Thanks to Statistical knowledge Neils sir has combined with R, I am highly motivated to become a data scientist and pursue this path further in my career.


Student Pic
Lucky to have learnt Hadoop with Neil sir. He is the best trainer I have ever come across.
Vineetha Rachamallu
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Working live on a hadoop cluster without having got to install anything on my machine is incredible. With the best trainer on this earth you cant ask for more.
K Lakshmi Ravali

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